My first EDF jet - Initial Impressions of the Marlin 64mm EDF

My first purchased ready to fly plane and my first EDF rc plane (Arrows Marlin, Hobbyzone).  Wow, flies great but certainly a new experience!  Rock solid in flight, but doesn't like sudden moves while at moderate speeds.  Keep the speed up and it responds great.  Take off was challenging in taller grass (possible in very short grass), very possible from a bike path (good nose wheel control- just make sure it is straight), and has no problem landing in grass with help from the flaps for a low speed touch down.

I've only used 2200 and 2600mA 4S, both worked fine giving me plenty of flight time for a beginner EDF pilot - my nerves can only handle so much!

Only complaint is the stickers on the top and bottom both have blue with a white foam background, can be a bit had to discern top and bottom to my eyes.  Had this problem once after slowing down a bit and turning getting ready for landing.  At slower speed, once you loose orientation, it takes a while for the blades to spool up and get enough flow over the wings to regain control.  Crashed hard on the nose and front wheel.  Able to bend the wire back and recenter with wheel.  Added to some tape to the wings (both sides partially cracked at end of carbon fiber tube), and she was back up and flying.  That is some impressive durability, as I can rarely keep flying from that type of crash with diy foamboard planes.


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