C-130 Transport

Over a year ago I was sitting on the outdoor picnic table at my office and this badass military transport flow right over my head.  A C-130.  From that moment, I realized I had to design and flow my own.  Definitely my heaviest and most complicated yet, making it all that much sweeter once it flew.  Made from Dollar Tree and FiteTest foamboard, hot glue, 3d printed parts, CF spars, and basic RC plane electronics.

Wingspan: 50"

Weight: 1220g (+ batteries)

Full suspension (6 wheels or 3 skis)

Motor: 4X 25g Sunnysky x2305 1450kv (min, would try 1800+kv if I build another)
Wing: 550g (1" thick)
Fuselage: 672g (full suspension, steerable nose and rudder)
Battery: 3s 2200mAh
ESC: 4X 12A
BEC: 2A, 5V
Servos: 6 x 9g (Rudder and Elevator)
Prop: 5x4x6 (2CW, 2CC) 
6-bladed props to get more torque in reduced space between motors, matching actual newer C-130s.
Ready for summer:

3D Printed Parts:
Other parts used:


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