C-130 Complete nose dive

 It happened.  Complete nose dive from maybe 50 ft up while being flown by fpv.  It was flying just fine, giving me the confidence to go ahead and drop the parachute from the rear door.   After I pulled up to make sure the parachute slide out, things started getting weird and hard to control.  I leveled it off, then it pitch up again suddenly, and before I know it I am going straight down.  I have plenty of time being several "mistakes" high.  But the up elevator is not responding at all.  Pull up, pull up!!  I am!!  The ground is getting closer and closer and can't do a thing.  Then a crash only ~30 feet away from me. Wish I was recording my fpv footage!

After the crash, I re-plug the battery in and the elevator servo works just fine.  A power failure, stall?  Maybe the battery fell out?  I ran the fpv gear on a separate battery, so won't know if the main battery disconnected.

Each and every motor mount broken and nose section completely smashed in.  Interesting, didn't even make a dent in the infield dirt as I could even tell where it first hit.

 Do I rebuild?  Where do you draw the line between patching it up and salvaging the parts?


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