After watching a Radian fly at my local high school, I thought - I want one of those!  Next, thought, I can make one of those!  Took a few tries, and a summer of occasional tinkering to get it right, with the third "fix" doing the trick.

Flies super slow, but can move just fine when you push her.  Fast and nimble loops, despite the super small elevator.  Self centers once trimmed out, really hard to roll with the up-swept wings.  No need for ailerons, perhaps I'll add them one day, but for now I really like the simplicity which is the whole point of the plane - just relax, chill, and so easy to set up and take down for getting it in the back of the car.

Wingspan: 68"

Weight: 380g (480g w/ battery)

Motor: 25g Sunnysky x2305 1450kv (or similar)
Battery: 1000mAh, 3S (placed all the way forward against the motor mount)
ESC: 12A with 1A BEC
Servos: 2 x 9g (Rudder and Elevator)
Wing Specs: 68" span, 20mm thickness, 6" wing tip up flare, internal 5mm CF rod (1M)
Prop: 7x3.8  8x3.8 (next up: folding props)

3D Printed Parts:
Chassis - includes innovative slot to hold rubber-bands in place for reduced air resistance and easy of attachment (band won't get lost, etc).  Curved section mates with wing leading edge to center wing and ensure it is perpendicular to the fuselage. 
Hatch knob - provides finger grip and spot for magnet to 'lock' to Chassis
Motor Mount - Provides mount for motors with screw pattern of 4 x 31.5mm diameter
Wing Guard
Other parts used:
Servo control wires or 2mm dia. CF rods (as shown below)
2 x 1/4 x 1/10" disk magnets used in the latch (optional)
Construction: typical Armin-wing style build using 5mm foam board (Dollar Tree of Flitetest) and hot glue. See additional build instructions on the  Dual Prop Sport or Twin Boom Pusher tab as they use the same basic build techniques.




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