RCPowers Accessories

3D printable accessories for use with any RCPowers park jets:
  • Clink links below to print your own.
  • Or let me print them for you:
    • printed on an Original Prusa i3 MK3
    • $5 wall mount, $2 motor mount, $1 control arm, $3 S&H
    • click on icon in upper left corner of blog to purchase via paypal
 Wall Hanger:
  • Show off your handiwork by hanging your plane on the wall
  • Open up space on your crowded project table
  • Easy to hang & remove for use
  • Curved surface matched radius prop slot used on all V5 design
  • Requires 2 wire nails (can be nailed into drywall or stud)


Motor Mount
  • Perhaps 1g heavier than the plywood version, but much easier to make

Control Horn
  • Easier to make, does the job.  I have never had a part or bond failure with them


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