About RCsean

My designs combine 3D printed components with common foam R/C plane construction techniques found in Experimental Airlines’ Armin Wing (foamboard airfoil wing), Flite Test foam joints and related RCPowers build techniques. The goal is to use the best features of the various materials and assembly techniques for the easiest build possible while maintaining good flight characteristics. While aiming for a good-looking plane, I make no special effort to model the aesthetics or scale of any real-life airplanes.

My primary innovation is the integration of 3D-printed parts into foamboard modeling as critical components of the plane. Printed parts include: motor mounts, control horns, fuselage supports, and landing gear. In the best example, I have strengthened the wing-to-crossbars attachment with a 3D-printed fuselage support structure. The structure offers stabilization of the crossbars, a secure motor mount with precise offset angle and cooling vents, and a sturdy attachment point for landing gear.

Though these designs may not be suitable for complete beginners, they should be accessible to anyone with experience building from Flite Test, RCPowers, Experimental Airlines, or similar plans. (Note that while construction is likely as straightforward as for RC planes from these other sites, my instructions may not be as complete.) They will be of special interest to anyone with a background in or curiousity about 3D printing. All plans contain links to open-source 3D-print files. If you do not have access to a 3D printer, purchase directly from me here. Many of the designs were made for FPV, or are FPV-compatible.

About Sean

I have been building RC vehicles, including boats and cars, since I was 10. My passion for figuring out how things work, and making them work better, led me to a career as a mechanical engineer. At my day job, I specialize in medical device design; my just-for-fun projects have included two kayaks and a sailboat from Chesapeake Light Craft kits or plans.

In search of something to keep me occupied during the Minnesota winter, I began experimenting with RC planes in late 2017. After completing various RCPowers and Flite Test builds, I eventually gravitated to custom designs. In summer 2018, I built the Prusa i3 MK3 kit printer and started 3D-printing components.

Questions or ideas? Contact me here.


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