Zombie Crash!

Don't let this happen to you - ALWAYS UNPLUG BATTERY AFTER FLIGHT!

CLICK "READ MORE" below to see video clip - always funny when it is someone else's crash!!

After flying your new plane for its successful re-maiden (using the fuselage v2 plans), I moved on to the next without remembering to unplug the battery of the prior plane.  After switching models in my Taranis radio, I wondered why the controls just aren't working.  What's wrong?  Then, out of nowhere, my new plane just takes off on its own, and having switched models the radio controls at my fingertips just don't help at all.

I'm sure this has happened to many folks, but for me, the second plane just happened to be held by my flying buddy in the perfect orientation.  Warning if at work or in front of kids - unwanted surprises can bring out 4 letter words!


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